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Surgical Oncologists in Singapore
Surgical Oncologists in Singapore
Cancer is a disease in which genetic changes cause cells to grow and divide uncontrollably, forming tumours. With cancer, the tumours are malignant and can spread to nearby tissues and other parts of the body if not treated promptly.

Over the past few years, cancer has remained the leading cause of death in Singapore, with 1 in 4 to 5 Singaporeans at risk of developing the condition in their lifetimes. The key to beating cancer and preventing recurrences lie in early diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Surgical oncology in Singapore utilizes surgical methods to treat cancer, usually by removing the malignant areas to prevent the cancer from spreading.
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Preventive Surgery
Cancer surgery in Singapore is not only focused on treating cancer, but preventing it as well. Preventive surgery involves preemptively removing cells and tissue that are considered pre-cancerous, meaning that they have a high chance of turning into cancer in the future.
Curative Surgery
Considered as a first-line treatment in early-stage cancers, curative surgery involves removing the malignant tumor from the affected body part. Nowadays, the preferred method recommended by a cancer surgeon in Singapore is keyhole surgery. Compared to traditional open surgery, keyhole surgery is minimally invasive, requiring only small incisions to access the internal organs, resulting in reduced discomfort, risk of infection, and recovery time.
Palliative Surgery
For people diagnosed with late-stage cancer and a poor prognosis, palliative surgery may be performed not to rid the body of cancer, but to reduce the severity of its symptoms and side effects. Overall, the goal is to improve the comfort of patients, even if it has minimal impact on survival.
As a form of cancer treatment in Singapore, surgery is commonly recommended alongside other non-surgical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

At KYM Surgery, we are fully equipped to perform minimally invasive surgery to address various types of cancers, including:

  • Oesophageal cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Liver cancer

Apart from surgical treatments for cancer, we also provide endoscopic screening procedures, such as gastroscopy and colonoscopy, in order to detect cancer in its earliest stages when it is most treatable.
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